Thursday, 14 June 2018

Why Do Footballers in World Cup Choose Them To Be Their Girlfriends?

The new World Cup is about to begin in Russia. Apart from paying attention to handsome footballers, their girlfriends or wives are also attract glances. In addition to good looks and hot bodies, footballers' girlfriend or wife also dresses well. Let's take a look at their good taste.

Victoria Beckham▼

Although David Beckham retired early, I have to say that Victoria is definitely the first fashion icon. Besides, she founded her own fashion brand of the same name.

Adriana Lima▼
Adriana Lima is Ronaldo's gossip ex-girlfriend and a supermodel. Although she has not spoken publicly about her relationship with Ronaldo, Ronaldo has expressed his appreciation for Lima several times. 

Irina Shayk▼
Irina Shayk from Russia is Ronaldo's the longest-dated ex-girlfriend. But now they both have found their happiness. Irina Shayk is as beautiful and sexy as ever.

Bruna Marquezine▼
Bruna Marquezine, who was born in 1995, is Neymar's girlfriend. Although she is a young woman from Brazil, she tends to dress in hot style.

Izabel Goulart▼
Izabel Goulart is Kevin Trapp's girlfriend, a supermodel from Brazil. She has a passion for fitness so that she becomes the focus everywhere she goes because of her perfect figure.

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