Saturday, 20 October 2018

Where To Buy Cheap Suits And Blazer For Adults Online In Bulk

Suits or blazer is really a wonderful style design for autumn and winter days. Which suit for both office women and men.

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Monday, 8 October 2018

The Ultimate Secret Of Winter - Over The Knee Boots

At Milan Fashion Week, there is some street shooting outside the show, we will see some stars wearing an elegant red dress to show their elegance when we are thinking what the fashion trend is at the same time, we noticed the cool over the knee boots on their feet.

For the areas which have entered the autumn days, a pair of such a pair of over the knee boots can protect the legs from the cold wind, and can also create a sense of fashion and atmosphere in minutes. It can be described as the "Ultimate Secret" for autumn and winter season. How are you still not considering having it?

Some girls of the little stars may feel that they have no chance with the high knee boots and always think that it is the standard of the long legs. But in fact, the style and length of the knee boots are also different, as long as you are right, you can also be the Queen of the boots.

Known as the “skinny artifact”, the over-the-knee boots design covers the knees and bends, making the leg lines long and straight, suitable for most people, even the slightly fat body can be mastered.

PVC over-the-knee high-heeled boots with a white suit, revealing the thighs, with a little sexy.

Fashion Colorblock Lace Up PVC Knee-High Boots

Wear Tips

1. Over the knee boots to cover the calf, revealing the thigh

2. Over the knee boots match with mini skirts, fairy skirts

3. Over the knee boots + tight pants, autumn and winter cold weapon

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