Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Why Does Kim Kardashian Loves This Fashion Brand Deeply?

There is a fashion item on Instagram recently went viral. Not Gucci, not Balenciaga. It is a massive straw hat from Jacquemus, a French fashion brand. Jacquemus's hat was a bit unusual because it is so big! Even if it's expensive and impractical, that doesn't stop fashionistas from liking it.

Considering that not everyone can hold onto such an exaggerated straw hat, Jacquemus also has a normal-sized hat with a nifty curling design on the brim.

In addition to the massive straw hat, Jacquemus's new handbag this year is also popular with celebrities, and it's also distinctive, but it's not "big", it's super small. The size of the bag is only 12cm X 6cm, and there is no room for even one iPhone X.

Jacquemus's designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus, is a French boy. Kawakubo says he has brought something new to Paris, where established fashion world rule. Carl also praised Simon for his good humor and good looks. He even went to the show with Jacquemus. Unlike a lot of hard work designers, Simon attaches great importance to brand business promotion. At the beginning of the brand creation, Simon tried every means to promote his clothes, called celebrity email, appeared in French television show, went to Dior show export plugging people sell himself, and organized a fashion strike to attract attention.

Simon's loveliness is also reflected in his design. For example, he designed the vamp into a square and round shape, which is simple, interesting and unique enough. Besides, Jacquemus 's heels with the geometric block are also interesting enough to upgrade the look.

The shape of the bag is also very strange and recognizable. The 'Le Sac Rond' bag, for example, has a sturdy body connected to a curved handle, and the handle is extremely simple in design without any hardware accessories. The only decoration is the huge metal chains that connect the two sides.

Besides the accessories, Jacquemus's clothes are also in demand. The clothes are designed with interesting colors bump. 

In Spring/Summer 2017 Show, Inspired by Simon's hometown of Marseille, Models wore a long white bubble sleeve dress and a straw hat, showing different French style.

As Simon maintained his distinctive style, his clothes became more feminine, emphasizing waist lines and deep V. Therefore, more and more celebrities love Jacquemus.

As far as I am concerned, the reason why Jacquemus has become popular is that they totally and strongly express the designer's personal opinion while maintaining practicality. 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Why Do Footballers in World Cup Choose Them To Be Their Girlfriends?

The new World Cup is about to begin in Russia. Apart from paying attention to handsome footballers, their girlfriends or wives are also attract glances. In addition to good looks and hot bodies, footballers' girlfriend or wife also dresses well. Let's take a look at their good taste.

Victoria Beckham▼

Although David Beckham retired early, I have to say that Victoria is definitely the first fashion icon. Besides, she founded her own fashion brand of the same name.

Adriana Lima▼
Adriana Lima is Ronaldo's gossip ex-girlfriend and a supermodel. Although she has not spoken publicly about her relationship with Ronaldo, Ronaldo has expressed his appreciation for Lima several times. 

Irina Shayk▼
Irina Shayk from Russia is Ronaldo's the longest-dated ex-girlfriend. But now they both have found their happiness. Irina Shayk is as beautiful and sexy as ever.

Bruna Marquezine▼
Bruna Marquezine, who was born in 1995, is Neymar's girlfriend. Although she is a young woman from Brazil, she tends to dress in hot style.

Izabel Goulart▼
Izabel Goulart is Kevin Trapp's girlfriend, a supermodel from Brazil. She has a passion for fitness so that she becomes the focus everywhere she goes because of her perfect figure.

Well, heroes have been always with beauties. As far as I am concerned, although we can not be as beautiful and sexy as them, what we can do is to wear fashion and nice activewear and support our favorite football team on the court by cheering and shouting for them. Therefore, do you feel ready for preparing stylish outfits? Don't worry, there are many chic and discounted wholesale clothes set out in various style and sizes on Wholesale7.


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