Friday, 1 June 2018

Chic Look | The 5 Must-Have Floral Dresses Perfect For Summer

Regarding the reason to love floral dresses, the fashion site Almost Posh can give you 15 reasons: it's like a closet KFC, and you can pick up instantly and need not worry about not eating well. Floral dresses are suitable for each occasion you think. All the stature can find the right style. At the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you can see that many guests wear a variety of floral dresses to attend this wedding. Carey Mulligan's floral dress is from Erdem's Pre-Fall 2018 Collection. Many British women love to wear floral dresses of Erdem because of its beautiful design.

Lara Inskip / Sofia Wellesley / Charlotte Riley
When it comes to how to dress floral dresses, the very important thing is to choose the right one. Look at Rihanna's demonstrate. It is obvious that the more concise style on the right is much better than the left one.  Summer is the best season to wear floral dresses. Follow us and we have picked 5 pretty floral dresses for summer so that you do not need to worry about how and where to buy floral dresses.

Ⅰ.Slit Floral dresses
Speaking of the hottest flower skirts this summer, all sorts of slit dresses that have evolved from wrap dresses have to be mentioned. Filled with romance, slit floral dresses should be part of your traveling plan.


Ⅱ. Floral Strap Dresses
In hot summer day, The floral strap dresses are also well-suited to show a charming shoulder line and clavicle, looking romantic and sexy. Shoulder straps have different widths. If you do not dare to wear slender shoulder strap dresses, the wild shoulder strap can be considered.


Ⅲ. Vintage V-neck Floral Dresses
Vintage fashion has always dominated the catwalks every year, especially this year. As we all know, a simple v-neck has a powerful effect on a thin face, perfectly reflecting the feminine of women. The combination of the two will allow you to stand at the forefront of fashion while also fully displaying your own charm. In general, fresh prints and vintage colors, such as green, yellow, and red, are easier to wear. Jeanne Damas, a famous French fashion blogger, is particularly fond of vintage v-neck floral dresses. If you are a vintage style big fan, you will get some inspiration on her Instagram.


Ⅳ. Off-shoulder Floral Dresses
Summer means that it is a beautiful season for showing figure, and all kinds of strapless dresses have always been loved by the majority of women. The off-shoulder style is closely attached to the shoulder so that the upper body does not feel any swelling. On the contrary, the shoulder and hand lines can be well decorated and the delicate feeling of women can be displayed.


Ⅴ. Halter Floral Dresses
In summer, almost all of the girls have resorted to different ways to make themselves more perfect. Halter style dresses can be both sexy and elegant. And the design of the halter dresses can make the girls' chest nicer.


Is there a floral dress you like?

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