Thursday, 8 February 2018

Make A Comeback In 2018 | 5 Unlikely Trends to Do it

Perhaps you want to do these 5 unlikly trends to make a comback in 2018. And you maybe own a few of these already if you dig around at the back of your wardrobe.

Oversized polo shirts

Baggy polo shirts have been given a chic makeover by way of Céline, Marc Jacobs and Joseph, no longer the sole preserve of men over 40. At Céline, they came layered and oversized over midi-length skirts—though you possibly wish to tuck yours in akin to Joseph for a more flattering look. Make no mistake, this season's polo shirts are not concerning classic preppiness, rather they are deconstructed and twisted. The bigger the better.


The controversial '90s look shows no signs of waning for summer 2018. Chanel, Gucci and LV all favoured the bumbag—maybe for our American friends, the fanny pack—this season. They were tiny at Saint Laurent and huge at Marc Jacobs, and worn with greatly much everything, such as suits, sequinned skirts and groomed dresses.

Cycling shorts

They were early pioneers of this divisive look that later appeared on spring/summer 2018 catwalks, including Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and the 2017 Love Islanders, from more traditional sporty spandex incarnations at rising cult label Off-White to luxe lace styles worn under puffball skirts at Saint Laurent. And we're still not in favor of cycling shorts outside of the exercise arena by itself, while they may be useful if you're wearing a uniquely flimsy dress come the summer months.


Isabel Marant, Gucci and Valentino with their luxe versions of the hiker's favourite item to mix functionality with style this season - the windbreaker. The catwalks matched them with shiny trousers, however if that feels a little too much, then attempt juxtaposing them with sth a little more polished – whether a T-shirt and midi skirt or thrown over a dress.

Cargo pants

In the end, trousers with pockets big enough to carry your iPhone. Evidently, this isn't the first time cargo pants have become a fashion hit—All Saints were big fans back in the '90s—nonetheless, it has been long enough for them to be revived, as seen as Valentino, Prada and Sies Marjan. Don’t be afraid, this season they are not be matched with crop tops circa the '90s, yet instead think styling with a simple T-shirt, or with a sequinned slouchy vest.

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