Monday, 14 May 2018

Wearing These Shorts To Have A Willowy Summer

Shorts are not elegant and charming but free and easy. Either in the 60 or now, It is definitely an essential fashion in summer. Although shorts are simple in design and can be paired with anything, how to choose a shorts suits you is a difficult problem. Let's take a look at what kind of shorts suits you.

Petite shape
  • Features: slender limbs, but slightly less height
  • Suggestion: Middle and high waist slim shorts + short coat

Pear-shaped Body
  • Features: upper body slim, lower body fat
  • Suggestion: Curly Edge/Loose/boyfriend style shorts + off shoulder/slim blouse

Apple-shaped Body
  • Features: upper body fat, lower body slim
  • Suggestion: High waist shorts + loose tops

H-shape Body
  • Features: The body is flat, although thin but no curve.
  • Suggestions: Shorts with more details+appropriate accessories
 Recommend choosing more details shorts such as washing, tearing edge, holes and other, so that creates the overall sense of abundance.

A suitable pair of shorts can be very good to decorate your body, enlarge your bright spot, so in the choice of shorts, we should pay attention to the selection of the style.Of course, in addition to style, shorts collocation is also very important.

T-shirt + Shorts

Sleeveless Top + Shorts

Blouse + Shorts

Off-shoulder + Shorts

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