Tuesday, 10 July 2018

5 Completely Vivid Color Trends To Paint The Summer - Wholesale7 Sale

The fashion color trends of 2018 are the desire for colorful self-expression. Optimistic and confident colors bring new vigor and vitality into the fashion trend while continuing to explore neutral and classic colors. Color plays an important role in designs, so ready for the vibrant summer of 2018?

#1. Purple

Purple with its unique and complex purple tone, conveys wisdom and unique personality, namely mysterious and fascinating.


#2. Red

Capricious red is fiery, giving off heat and energy. This bold, eye-catching color is naturally energetic and cannot be ignored. 


#3. Yellow

Bold, bright yellow highlights the 2018 spring and summer season, shining with joy and illuminating the world. I strongly recommend that you get some yellow fashion items, which will surely upgrade your looks.


#4. Green

Green is a retro and modern color. It comes with cooling colors. Pair it with a retro pair of high-waisted jeans or all green for a stylish look.


#5. Rainbow

This is the year of the rainbow. Compared with the previous simple style, rainbow color is more popular this year, which means that people are more inclined to show their different life attitudes through colorful colors.


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