Monday, 6 November 2017

How to wear your booties better

We are always to see the the girl who goes to the store like Gucci with a bright yellow purse. So chic and match well with her whole wears.

We always see the fashionista who wears her new fashion booties out of the brand store! And oh yeah, you are true, booties in a perfect way.

Hear me out please! Here we believe that, a purse or booties are the necessities for a women and young ladies. Today, we talk about two main reasons.

Classic Colors

First, there are classic colors for you on your choice of booties: black and white, sometimes with Embroidery. We all know that classic color will match with everything, including booties. What's more, it will also works on you if you’re new to the colorful shoe trend. Classic colors' booties are so popular among young ladies.

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It sounds cliche for confidence, but it is truth. When you wear your new booties in a right way, there is nothing more attractive than a smiling lady who wears her high booties! Prepare for a suit booties in your home, I can assure you that you will own a surprising dating~

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