Monday, 6 February 2017

Smart woman's attitude towards to wardrobe is - throw!

Open your closet and see how many clothes and shoes you've bought in the past year?

A Smart woman d not buy a dress which is not match for sale,  one attitude towards to her wardrobe is--learn to throw!

Buy in right way, is the performance of a woman taste, learn to throw, is the smart woman's attitude.

After looking these wardrobe you will find out that, the size of the wardrobe will not determine your level of fashion; A decisive factor is whether you can effectively on the clothing and collection, showing your own style of dress?

eg: Fashion blogger Aimee Song had Instagram open their own wardrobe closet of the "secret weapon", she closet wardrobe way is suitable for smaller areas of Asians use.

Color can be placed from shallow to deep.

To add some storage box and match with wardrobe: 

Such as putting the bag on a clothes rack or a cupboard, shoes on a shelf, and so on.

Throw away the five-year-old jeans. 

Whether from color or style, they are old.

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