Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Do not show high the Sneakers; You are not wearing the right

Nowadays, sports shoes ( Sneakers ) is undoubtedly the most popular fashion taste.

From the show to the streets,modern people are obsessed with using sneakers mix styles.

Follow the trend, however, must pay attention to the trap. From collocation to choose model, we found the shoes among the most fashionable trend.

Recently, the market research firm Mintel is published a report on women's shoe, found in 2016, sales of sports shoes is not only rapid growth, also more than high heels for the first time.

Today, the tide of sneakers has become the demand of the market, Chanel, Gucci etc famous brand also have introduced more fashionable style of sports shoes. So as

Popular Style Round Toe Bandage Ankle Casual Flat Shoe; Item No. HK082323; 16.66 US$

Casual Style Round Toe Lace Up Women Sneakers; Item No. YHK110135; 12.05 US$

British Style Round Toe Sneaker Casual Shoes; Item No. YHK102643; 14.87 US$

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