Sunday, 16 November 2014


           【Christmas Active From Wholesale7】
A.Catch  Santa Claus,Elk. Get Coupons!
How to get?Three steps only here→
(To get in our shop’s active page)

3.Using them ,there are four coupons in this active
Santa Claus $100(Validity 7 days);
Santa Claus $20(Validity 3 days);
Elk$50(Validity 5 days);
Elk$10(Validity 3 days)

Warm prompt:
A chance for one day,please choose the most practical.
(It means that you can not use two coupons in one day,although you have two )
Good luck and be patience,everybody,what I can do is bring you here,catching the opportunity by yourself,kiss!

B.Christmas Wishing Wall

what’s your Christmas dream?A Iphone6?Many many fashion clothing?Where there is a will ,there is a way.Wholesale7 will make your dream come true,just answer the following questions.
Click here→

C.10% Off Christmas Clothing Items
【What to wear in Christmas Day?】How can u lack of such awesome item in that time?Choosing your style from here.

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